Dj EHSO - The Prototype


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Aug 17, 2008
This is the first mix i've upped since joining a few days ago... It's one of the mixes i'm most proud of. I did it in 2004 so yeah, the tracks are kinda old now but I never really found a place to share it with many dnb heads. I would love some feedback, positive, negative, whatever... The Prototype was my first attempt at a truely "proper" type mixtape. The mixes are some of the most top-notch i ever recorded. ENJOY. Peace and Prosper!!!
rar file will extract into it's own folder.... tracks are seperated in proper cd format.. Queue all tracks at once in ur player or burn to cd with no pause between tracks and it will all play properly as a mix. ps... track 10 is a remix project of mine... not perfect but hopefully enjoyable to some.
Intro edit
1. Hive - Neo
02. Keaton & Hive - Bring It On
03. Friction & Nu Balance - Robocop
04. Dillinja - Crunch
05. Fresh BC - Temple Of Doom
06. Fresh - Cactus Funk
07. Pendulum - Another Planet
08. Pendulum - Voyager
09. Q Project - Sticky Fingers (Twisted Individual Rmx)
10. Fresh v.s. Outkast - Bass Over Baghdad (EHS.O. Mix)
11. Mampi Swift ft. Fresh BC - Play Me
12. Clipz - Cuban Links
Clipz - Soundboy
13. Clipz - Cuban Links (Fresh Rmx)
14. Distorted Minds - T-10 (Dillinja Remix)
15. Kaos, Karl K, & Jae Kennedy - Soul On Fire (Concord Dawn Remix)
16. Basic Operations - Rock Wit U
17. Concord Dawn & Illskillz - Unreal
18. Digital ft. Irie J - Crazy Girl
19. Illskillz - Move It
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