Dj Dutch & Corzman B2B Jump Up Set


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Mar 17, 2009
Ez ppl, i'm new to to this website and decided to post a recent mix here, have been mixing for a few years now and have a passionate appreciation for the many forms of DnB music, recently recorded this set and would appreciate your thoughts and views.

Link and tracklisting follow:


  1. Unbeliever - Cause and Effect
  2. >>Fluid - Dillinja
  3. El Presidente - Sigma
  4. Talk 2 Frank - Commix
  5. Monkey Boy - Rufige Kru (Original Sin Remix)
  6. It Has Begun - Camo & Krooked
  7. Infectious Funk - Icicle
  8. If We Ever - High Contrast
  9. Labyrinth - Danny Byrd
  10. Believe - Chase & Status
  11. Missing Link - Nu-Tone
  12. Cheater Cheater - Original Sin
  13. Take Me Away - Chase & Status
  14. Coming From The Top - Die & Break
  15. Ho Bass - Distorted Minds Ft Hazard
  16. Becoming - Vital Elements
  17. Electrosound - Sonic
  18. The Red Pill - DJ Panik
  19. Mr Happy - Hazard
  20. War Torn City - Dub Alley (DJ Pleasure Remix)
  21. Nervous - DJ Fresh
  22. Timewarp - Sub focus
  23. Strike Back - Shimah
  24. Monkey Fist - DJ Sly
  25. Disconnected - Cyantific
  26. Killers Don't Die - Hazard
  27. Stigma - Noisia

All feedback most welcome :clown:

Big UP to Dj Double J, DJ Nickname, DJ Laize, and all the manadem! Safe!
It was the first time i'd heard that track which I thought would mix into disco dodo quite well, if u can't remember no worries tho, it was sick anyhow
Nah I do remember now mate, but that was just a muck about mix and I dleted it now. Its a heavy tune called Exodus, im sure it will be in my future sets. You coming out on Friday yer mate?
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