Dj-Dusty Spring Mix 2009


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Mar 13, 2008
Oi oi Jump up heads, another mix from myself, its just under an hour long with some fucking heavy tunes in it.
Hope you guys enjoy it and look forward to hearing some feedback from ya.

1) 175 - Crystal clear (turn on the heat remix)
2) TC & Jakes - Haters
3) Majistrate - Maniac
4) Dj origin - Phonejacker
5) soulpride - Mule
6) Original sin & Taxman - Seen
7) Cabbie - You are a winner
8) Xample ft Lomax - Contra
9) Jaydan - King of miami
10)Crystal clear vs Cabbie - Streethawk
11)Smokesta - Sound of the future
12)Subfocus - Druggy
13)Majistrate - Suicide bomber
14)Cause and effect ft Nu balance - Tuffshit
13)Jaydan - Fight music
14)Pleasure - Massacre
15)Cabbie - Blast off V.I.P
16)Clipz - Pull it up (Tc remix)
17)Original sin - Decibel
18)Subfocus - Swampthing
19)Deceit - Aliens in the mind
20)Cabbie & Origin - Longnote
21)Pleasure - Flesh eaters
22)Sly - Try some fing else
sweet nice one mate, keep ya ears peeled for another promotion mix for my brand new night (Auxillary) cumming up feat up and cumming dj's such as...

Simon D

Also we will upload a few tracks from the auxillary camp
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