Dj Dusty // Lots of new tunes!!!


Aug 31, 2011
Ez man,

Just checked out a few tracks really liked illusions and thought evacuate was one of the better jump up style tracks as it had a bit more gogin on. Not really digging the rest of the tracks, that jump up style track is not really my thing. To be honest I find the sounds a bit flat and the songs too repetitive but that is the nature of that style!. I know there are loads of people that love that genre and I'm sure they would really like your tracks. Production sounded good though and there were some really nice grimy basses, synths and breaks so overall good job just not quite my sound :)


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Mar 13, 2008
cheers for comments, yeh illusions is prob my biggest track, been played on radio 1 3 times now so a really big look for me
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