DJ Dusty feat Kagey gets Massive Dj Support OUT ON TEN TON BEATS 2/7/12

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    Dj Dusty returns with another massive release to follow on from the Deep Dark Blue EP. The south coast producer enjoyed huge success with his debut release on Ten Ton Beats Down right dirty / Illusions the much sort after radio one airplay on Grooverider’s legendary show not once, not twice but an unheard of 4 weeks on the trot ( This was swiftly followed by the 4
    piece delight otherwise known as the Deep dark Blue EP.

    Question:This time Dusty shows his versatility by creating something with a little crossove potential, full vocal on this track. Kagey delivers a soulful vocal complementing a well thought out synth lead powerhouse track. Rumbling sub bass and artfully constructed arpeggio all
    combine in a potent dnb cocktail that will any leaves the listener wanting more. As the track progresses the synth arpeggio and vocals swap around to give the track variation and to stop the listener getting to used to a set pattern. This is a master class in musical arrangement. Dusty is one of the south coasts hardest working DJ/Producers always looking for that new sound and breaking boundaries
    to see how different he can make each release, this displays the versatility every producer needs to be successful.

    Dj Support: Warren B (Kool fm), Papa Gee (Kool fm), Dj Concrete(Diverse fm) Dj Spice (Kool fm), Dj Manga (Neutronic Beats), Lady V dubz (Biological Beats), G-Type (G-Type audio), Connecta, Blackley (RC), Certified Sickness (Lay Low Recordings), Uniques (Kool fm/Diverse reality), Assassin (Neutronic Beats)