DJ Dracz with Shabba @ MC Convention

I aint gotta clue wat Convention thats from mate but thats i badboy set by the sounds of it!!!! Shabba goin on messy!!!

Il try find it & if i have any joy il let ya know.... PEACE
yeh man... proper let down!!!

Theres sum phat sets on my post on ere tho mate!!

Search BURTONS SETS & there on there.. more 2 come



Does anybody know which MC convention this was? Was it recorded?

Need a copy of the whole set, anybody got it? Or know where I can order a copy?

yea that was me about 3 years ago!! got loads of past mixes so any1 want 1, just holla at your man! just hit me up on facebook.

that set wasnt recorded unfortunately.. (i wanted it as well)
n yea... shabba rinsed it that night... along with junior dangerous, eva, yardie n cowboy ranger, full highly blessed on MIC.... reaching a higher level now!!

stay blessed

here some never sets for ya....

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