Dj dozer jump up mix


set 'im up...............
Mar 4, 2008
Now working!!!!! Bit sketchy but really want to no what you think. Only the second mix on my new setup, so theres a few clangy bits but hopefully you get the direction im trying to go in!

The force - Kill your killer
Original sin - Dont be silly
Majistrate + Nicol - The master
Spekky + High tower - Airstrike
DJ Sly - Monkey fist
Jaydan - War
DJ Pleasure - The dagger
Sensa + Spekky - Comedown
Original sin - Decibel
Complex - One chance
Taxman - Frequency scale
Zodiac - Red alert
Sensai - Grid 9 ( leant on xfader curve nob in this mix)
Hazard - Killers dont die
Zen - Full effect
Double zero - Skank nasty
Mampi swift - One finger test
Zero G - Unbeatable ninja
DJ Rowney + Logik MC - We dont ramp
DJ Pleasure - Splinters in your mind
Original sin - Love games
Dirty Commodity - You dig
Majistrate + Nicol - Mr nice guy
Brockie + Ed solo - Turntable 1 (Bengal RMX) not working uploading on dnb share

Let me no wot u think, even if its bad! I can take it
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set 'im up...............
Mar 4, 2008
Cheers fella. Yea defo needs tightenin up. Got really sensitive eq's so was kinda concentrating on those 2 much rather than keepin the beats tidy. :tut: Nice 1 for the feedback tho man. Its appreciated.
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