DJ DOUBLE J - Chapter 1 - Dark Set

Ez, Haven't posted anything on the forum since last year, been searching for a deeper sound. Been working on this set for a while.. Hope you enjoy, feedback most welcome..

Track listing

Valentine- Spor

Untitled blues- Friction & k tee

Think- Subwave

Leffe- Raiden & SKC

Lost cause- Noisia

This what you want- Break

Meditation- Noisia

>>Belleview- Commix

Clarets march- Spor

Taken- DC breaks

Spartan- Icicle

Resolute- Spor

Countdown- Nymfo

Monochrome- Spy

Crank- Noisia

Lost hours- Icicle

Kill switch- Future signal

Traits- Break

Infectious funk- Icicle

Close encounters- Spy

Phantom force- Spirit & digital

Shady past times- Lynx

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Take it ez

Double J (JJ)
Website-(1/4/09): The new site is nearly up and running, expect it up by the end of the month!


++++++AFFLICTION @ LOOM!++++++

Affliction is smashing out may with a website launch party!
Get down to Loom to see Subterra, NickName, Double J, NuttyNyce, Bamski and more!

Dj Double J
Dj NickName
Dj NuttyNyce
Mc Bamski

Special drink rates and special promo gifts for the people who get there nice an early!

This is going to be a good one, so make sure you are there!

Tickets: £3 (nearly sold out) on preorder or before 11 on the doors...£5 after 11!
(To pre-book ring 07837824701)

DATE: 21st May 09
Venue: LOOM
Bolsover House 5-6 Clipstone St, London, W1W 6BB
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