DJ Deval presents... The DnB Mixtape Vol 3

The DnB Mixtape Vol 3

In association with Soundscape and the Manchester Drum & Bass Exhibition at Urbis, DJ Deval and MC Suddz present "The DnB Mixtape Volume 3".

60 minutes of seminal tracks from 1996 to the present day that have shaped the Manchester Drum and Bass scene. Featuring DJ Deval and MC Suddz, this free promotional online mix will feature tracks from artists, producers and record labels born out of Manchester.

This mix will be followed by a free timeline poster to download to highlight the key moments in Manchester's Drum and Bass history. This non-definitive timeline has been produced by DJ Deval and is a personal representation of the wealth of talent that has grown from our great city, as felt through his own experiences.

This mix is only a snapshot of the amount of work that has been put into Manchester's Drum and Bass scene and gives way to the "third phase" of producers and record label owners that have emerged since 2006/7 through the rise of digital music formats and the internet such as:
DJ Rowney
Dawn Raid
Soundbyte.... and many more

Long live Manchester!

The DnB Mixtape Volume 3
DJ Deval and MC Suddz

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Ill Figure “Style” Suburban Base
Sappo “Ding Dong Bass” Rinse Out
Sappo “Chuckie” Flex
Perfect Combination “Control” Freeform
M/CR Movement f.t. Accidental Heroes “Youwithmenow” Freeform Recordings
Si S-Man Smith “Still Dre” Producer1
DJ Daze “Pulsate” Armageddon
Perfect Combination “Control” (Futurebound Remix) Freeform Recordings
Un-Cut “Midnight” (Marcus Intalex and ST Files Remix) Wired Productions
DJ Deval “Replicants” 12th Round Recordings
**Tease** The X “Dawn” (Sappo Remix) New Vibe Recordings
Holdtight “Fever” Drum and Bass Arena LP - Volume 2
M.I.S.T “Outerspace” Soul:R
Kaleida “Split” New Identity Recordings
Sonic “Falling” Space
DJ Deval “Jah Creationz” Reformed
Marcus Intalex and ST Files “Universe” Metalheadz
Humanoid “Tibetan Mist” New Vibe Recordings
Sappo “Touch” Frontline
DJ Deval “What Ya Gonna Do?” Step Express Recordings
Xample and Sol “Underworld” (Crystal Clear Remix) Industry Artists Presents…
K.D. “Can’t You See?” Flex