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Oct 30, 2003
I would really like to start out on the producing side of things. Could someone please tell me about how to start out and what things i need.

Cheers peeps!

DJ Destination


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Nov 11, 2003
my studio's purely software-based (it's alot cheaper than a hardware-based system)...for starters, something like Reason, Logic, Sonar, etc. and a midi controller (i use an oxygen-8 from midiman) will get you would be a good idea to invest in a good soundcard as well...


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Nov 1, 2003
Heres my bit:
Reason will do you well (demo download online)

make your own beats with a drummachine, one included in Reason and most other soft systems, its more fun, more original, and theres plenty of notes on this board

get every instrument and drum sample you can get your filthy mitts on

dont give up too early- its gonna take a while

dont smoke too much weed, youll need every micron of brainpower

If you feel up to it, try figuring out how a synthesizer works

Get some mates to help out if you can

concerning the large amounts of equipment: If all else fails, read the fooking manual (RTFM). Doing this from the start might be the best idea, but blind luck will get you some way.

Basic knowledge of the musical note system will help a lot, like if you know how to play guitar bass, piano or something.
Same goes for the drum section, hence: you might need a spare hand

expensive hardware is definetly optional, although a midi controller (and a keyboard maybe) will be useful.
This is from the computer tech side of things, if youre a vinylist, a mixer and some decks will get you there, along with a sampler and a synthesizer.

beware the advice of successful people, they do not want company.
apart from those assholes, try to hook up with the right people from the start, but make sure you come to them with some real skills, not just hot air.

If youre not having fun, stop doing it.

oh yeah- good luck
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Mar 24, 2002
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u wont be making killer tunes in two weeks, it's gonna take time. but hang in there, you'll get it eventually. there are a loads of threads like this in this forum, as well as in dnbscene and banana arena (, not much can be said that hasn't been said in these places, happy searching!

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