DnB DJ Della // Fusion Comp Entry // Likes of Pascal, Taktix, Villem, Hybris and more


Della Beats
Oct 22, 2009
United Kingdom
As it says in the title, its a comp entry, enjoy!

Past Lives Ft. Kevin King - Total Science & S.P.Y [CIA]
Mr. Happy - Hazard and Dminds [PLAYAZ]
Surface - Kasra & S.P.Y [CRITICAL]
P-Funk 2000 - Pascal [TRUE PLAYAZ]
The Cleaner - Hybris [MODULATIONS]
Magic Hour - Total Science & S.P.Y [CIA]
The License (Break RMX) - Krome & Time [STREETLIFE]
Its The Way (Serum RMX) - Taktix [APEXX]
Do You I Wanna - Villem [SYMMETRY]
Proteous - Hazard [PLAYAZ]
Ghetto Bizness - Die [CLEARSKYZ]
The Verdict - Heist [CHARGE]
After All - Zero T & FD [INVISIBLE]
Compassion - Data [METALHEADZ]
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