DJ DeeGun - Lethal Approach - JumpUp!!

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    DJ DeeGun - Lethal Approach - 100% Jump Up Blast

    37.23Mins, 192KBPS, 51.36MB


    1.Computers - Mutated Forms (Radius)
    2.Rock this - Nightwalker (Nightwalker)
    3.Headz must roll - Dirty Harry (R-Sound)
    4.Bullet in the Head - D.Kay & Black Sun Empire (Obsession)
    5.Selector - Hazard (Ganja)
    6.The Mule - Soulpride (Red)
    7.Gun Salute - Jaydan (Smokin´Riddims)
    8.Pace Stepper - Tantrum Desire (Foundation)
    9.Stinkbox - Eddie K. (Stereotype)
    10.High Volume - Optimist (White)
    11.Venger - Pleasure (Low Down Deep)
    12.Splinter in my Mind - Pleasure (Calypso Muzak)
    13.Black Magic - Pleasure & Origin (K-Power)
    14.Cheeky Chappy - Dungeon Beats (Coologik)
    15.City of Angels - Callide (Junction)
    16.Enforcer - Devize (3DMode)
    17.Fear of Future - Escape (Muzik Hertz)
    18.Bounty Hunter - Pleasure (Muzik Hertz)
    19.In the Dark - Pleasure (Calypso Muzak)
    20.Badguy - Devize (3DMode)

    Edit: Don´t call it Clownstep coz it ain´t that funny :lol:

    First Mix here, M DJing for 6 years now, dis ain´t no commercial shite, it´s Jump Up!!