DJ Dean B2B DJ Problem Child Live On 3.10.2018 (93-94 Darkside Jungle)


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Skanna - This Way [Skanna]

Mad Dog - Monged Out [Underdog]

Techno Bros - We Are...... Techno Bros [Basement]

Windmill - Divine Inspiration [Modern Urban Jazz]

D.J. Wax - Moments So Dark [8205]

D.J. Peshay & Roger Johnson - Gangster [2000 AD]

Pulse & Wax Doctor - Approach & Identify [Creative Wax]

Drum & Bass - That Ruff Track [Formation]

Vertigo - Deep Cover [Crack House Productions]

FBD Project - The Core (Neil Trix Remix) [Bang-In-Tunes]

Code Of Practice - Can We Change The Future (Dub Plate Mix) [Certificate 18]

System Ex - Mindgames (Dub Mix) [Entity]

Mo2vation - Kriss Biskit [Pure Noise]

DJ Kane - Rebel Without A Draw [No U-Turn]

DJ Sphinx - Feel Good [Treble X]

The Criminal Minds - Amen (Again) [Section 12]

DJ Undacut - Sleepless Nights (Manix Remix) [Deep & Dark]

Evil D - Untitled [Pirate]

Capone - Untitled [Target]

Dexxtrous - Hysteria [Planet Earth]

Pulse & Wax Doctor - Bounty Killaz [Creative Wax]

Bay B Kane - Needle To The Skin [Spandangle Selection]

DJ Junk - George (Amen Mix) [Spandangle Selection]

DJ Sappo - Informer [Spandangle Selection]

Eze G - Stepping Up [Unatural Light]

Aladdin - Magic Carpet [Aladdin]

Kid Twist - Dope On Plastic [Liquid Wax]

Tango & Ratty - The killer ('93 PA Mix) [Steel Fingers]

FBD Project - Gesture Without Motion (94 VIP Unreleased) [Bang-In-Tunes]

D. Charlesworth - Guiness Track [After Dark]

Njoi :)

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