DJ Darrel - Wicked - 2014/02

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    1.Verb "Look into orbit" [Deception]
    2.Hostage "Latex" [Freak]
    3.Limewax "Jupiter" [L/B]
    4.Lucio De Rimanez & Forbidden Society "Anarchy" (Katharsys remix) [Perkussiv]
    5.Hostage "Oval" [Tech Cycle]
    6.Thought & Kantyze "Rebreather" [Dub]
    7.Hostage & Smyla feat. Hostile MC "Product of violence" [MUTE:8]
    8.Hostage "Burning inside" [Tech Cycle]
    9.Throttler "Overbrewed VIP" [Tech Cycle Dub]
    10.Niskala "Unsound" [Soothsayer]
    11.Current Value "Brainwash" (Xpander remix) [Evol Intent Dub]
    12.Technical Itch "Song of time" [Tech Itch]
    13.Biostacis "Gammaray" [Tech Itch]
    14.Gein "Chemistry" [Bad Chemistry]
    15.VisionZ feat. Jodie Elms "I want you" (Technical Itch remix) [Zonal]
    16.Throttler "Blaze thorn" [Tech Cycle Dub]
    17.Hostage "Big shadow" [Freak]
    18.Current Value "Prism" [Subsistenz]
    19.Lucio De Rimanez & Dereck "Why" [Bandcamp self release]
    20.B.Soul "Markus" (Xpander remix) [Dub]
    21.Indidjinous "Unneighborly" [Omni Music]
    22.Visor feat. Kit Curse "Anguish" [Shadowforces]
    23.Malicious & Peter Kurten "Past, present & future" [Tech Cycle]
    24.Aggressor "Lie still" [Tech Cycle]
    25.Centaspike "What does it feel like" [Tech Cycle Dub]
    26.SPL "Reckoning" [L/B]
    27.Limewax "Slaves" [Tech Freak]
    28.Throttler "Threat factory" [Tech Cycle]
    29.Visor "Basement" [Tech Cycle]
    30.Malicious "994null1" [Tech Cycle]