DJ Danny Intro - Still MCR Mix001 - (Drum & Bass / Jungle) - August 2012


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So here at StillMCR we've decided to introduce a string of mixes from artists, producers and DJs from around Manchester.
First up we have 'DJ Danny Intro' who has been on the Drum & Bass scene since 2009 first getting involved with 'Oh My God!' a Manchester based Drum & Bass/Jungle/Dubstep night then branching out to create his own night 'RippeR' which original started in Altrincham, then in 2012 moved to Manchester's 'Moho Live'. Danny has appeared at many nights across Manchester but more recently you can catch him at 'Just Skank & RippeR' with Virus Syndicate, Tyke, Compa and Dirtklod for just £6 this Friday 24th August 2012.

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Here's what Danny has to say about the mix :-

" I gotta say I was pretty honoured when I was approached to do a mix for StillMCR, I think the blog they keep is great and really informative to those interested in music as much myself and also not sticking with just one genre is a great aspect. As for the actual mix I wanted to appeal to a wider audience so tried to touch base with all sorts of Drum & Bass but throwing in bits of Jungle, I had a great time putting it together as there's loads of tunes in there I love, just hope everyone enjoys it as much as I do. Big shouts to Curtis and all the Manchester headz ! "


Tracklist - Track Name / Track Artist / Track Label :-

1. Soundclash - Epicentre - SLIPDISKDIGITAL
2. Deep Search - Die & Break - DIGITAL SOUNDBOY
3. No Sensi Today ( Serum Remix ) - Topcat - STREETLIFE
4. Back to the Jungle VIP - Bladerunner - CRITICAL
5. Hush Hush - Shimon - RAM
6. Yellow Shoes - Marky & S.P.Y - INNERGROUND
7. Only Girl - Critical Impact - CLEARSKYZ
8. 147 Trek - Zinc - TRUE PLAYAZ
9. On the Run - Shy Fx (feat. David Boomah) - DIGITAL SOUNDBOY
10. Tibetan Mist - Humanoid - NEW VIBE
11. Information Centre ( Serum VIP ) - Gappa G & Hyper Hypa - STEP BACK SESSIONS
12. Metropolis - Adam F - METALHEADZ
13. Heavyweight - DJ Fresh - DIGITAL SOUNDBOY
14. Stompbox ( Spor Remix ) - The Quemist - NINJA TUNE
15. Feelings - Shy Fx & T Power - DIGITAL SOUNDBOY
16. Is This What You Want - Break - SYMMERTY
17. Harry's Revenge - Taxman - GANJA
18. Phantasm - Original Sin - PLAYAZ
19. Cannonball - Noisia & Phace - VISION
20. Balaclava - Nu:tone - HOSPITAL
21. Take me Away - Chase and Status - RAM
22. Casino VIP - Original Sin and Taxman - PLAYAZ
Bonus Track: In the Blue - Break - SYMMERTY
*All rights to the tracks are those of the producers / record labels named above*

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you included tibetan mist so i will listen (y) looks good all round man
Cheers man ! Tried to get some of the older tunes in there people would know, let me know what you thought

will have a listen dude, looking to do something of a similar nature
Wicked man, hopefully this might give you a few ideas ;)

rolled out nicely, classic night promo selection really enjoyed.
thank you very much ! glad it came across well, much respect !


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Danny another huge mix I have no doubt. Will get on this tomorrow and feedback later this week.

Your sets are always pumping dude...