DJ Cartel Take it back Mix


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A well respected DJ/Promoter around my area done a nice mix, summer vibe

all on vinyl too, just thought i'd pass the vibes on

1 Klute: dont want to be alone
2 Klute : we are all dieing
3 Mistical: inside my head
4 Skc: prophecy
5 Marcus intalex: just a vision
6 Mistical: jam hot
7 Makoto & MC Conrad: Golden girl
8 Random Movement: time to rock
9 St Cal: losing ground
10 Calibre: Hypnotized
11 Mistical: mistical dub part 2
12 Calibre: makes me wonder
13 Calibre: drop it down
14 Calibre: Gotta have you
15 Klute: Part of me
16 Calibre: Piece of mind
17 St Cal: Little Man
18 Marcus: Intalex Instrumental
19 D Kay: Three 2 One
20 Marcus Intalex: Immense
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