DJ Ash


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Jan 27, 2009
Cardiff, S.Wales
Arite all, I am Ashey and from Cardiff, S.Wales, U.K. Am a faithfull DnB/Jungle listener, pure addicted 2 dnb and ave been ever since I got the ar*eho*e with hardcore in the early 2 mid nineties. 2 be honest it was the Wormhole album on Virus by the ones like Ed Rush n Optical that blew me up. Although an under-rated personal favourite, was the first ever Ram album (Molten Beats) which has some wicked dark steppers man. Current favourites are basically nearly everyone at the mo, mind you I like the simpler well crafted quality sound (less is more), ie, Intalex, D-Bridge, Calibre, Total Science, Heist, Lomax (man I could actually name at least another 20 odd DJs) soz 2 waffle. Anyone with any sets 2 swap or if feel like selling any quality 2unes on vinyl coz am an avid collector (gtta keep the 1210's busy) let me know. Just 2 say fair play 4 everyones dedication and feedback on this site, nuff respect coz site is proper.
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