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Has anyone got experience with makeshift DVS Timecode systems???

Ive been out of the DJ game for a while, and i wanna start mixing again.... but my vinyl collection is outdated and im bored of most of my old tunes.... most stuff i listen to nowdays is either in mp3 or wav format so ive been looking at these DVS systems

the thing is... from what i gather, it seems that the main component in the system is just a basic 4in-4out interface (with phono preamps), which seems a waste of money as i already have a mackie onyx 4in-6out....

anyways, ive been doing some research and ive found some bits and pieces on the subject but i would like the opinions of you lot.

This is the plan....

buy the timecode vinyls and some dj software which supports the timecode.... and replace the interface with my own mackie interface and a couple of cheap phono preamps

in case that rubbish drawing made no sense.... the signal comes out of deck > to a splitter > one of the split signals is sent direct to the mixer (for playing normal vinyl) > other split signal is sent to phono preamp > preamp output sent to line in's on interface and into pc...... then the signal comes out through the interface's out's and into the mixers line in's

in theory, this should work fine i think, but im not 100%.... what are your thoughts???

do you think standard RIAA stereo preamps would be okay?? i mean, i dont need audiophile quality as im never going to hear the signal that is passed through them, but on the other hand, they are carrying a data signal, so perhaps a more expensive preamp would be necessary(???)

a drawback to this is that i wont be able to record through my interface as i'll be using all 4 inputs..... so i was wondering if the timecode reading software actually needs both the left + right signals.... if i sent 2 mono signals in it would free up two inputs for recording, but would it still read the timecode???

i know some of these questions are probably a long shot but id like your opinions none the less :)