Divine Elements - "The Greater Unknown" Album November 1st on Simplify Recordings!


Full 13 Tracked original continuously mixed album is available for purchase on DivineElementsLive.com
On November 1st, 2009 look for them on all your digital downloading websites. Also, individual Wav/MP3's of all the tracks are available for purchase on as well. For bookings, please contact Greg at: Urban Stateside Agency

The word “live” is not too common in the world of Drum and Bass. For a long time the DJ was the center front of the main stage rocking two turntables and some vinyl, sometimes accompanied by the occasional MC. Times, however, have changed and the scene is evolving into bigger and more interesting things year by year. With the advancement of technology and the daringness of producers to step out of the box and adventure into new territories comes a new era of Drum and Bass, of which Divine Elements is on the forefront.

Album Fully Mastered By:
Gridlok at Twisted City Studios

01. Heavyweight
02. Judgement Day
03. Psychosomatic
04. Lobotomy VIP
05. Groove Tower
06. The Mark
07. The Greater Unknown
08. Sound of Night
09. The Suffering
10. Everlasting
11. Mortal Wound
12. Bloody Sunday

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