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yo peeps.

heres some info of the release:

Cat no.: DISTURBED003
Artist: Muffler

A: Muffler - Ominous
B: Muffler - Wreck

Our Man In Finland, Muffler comes forth with two awe inspiring cuts, demonstrating why his discography reads like a Who's Who of Drum & Bass. Having recorded for labels such as Urban Takeover, Heavy Rotation, Hospital, Barcode and Movin' Shadow, you can rest assured Muffler comes correct on this 12".

Side A: Ominous
Ominous by both name and nature, this tune comes in with broody strings and mangled FX, before giving way to bass as fat and nasty as they come, paired with breaks as sharp and precise as a Samurai blade - and probably twice as deadly. The ever-present, constantly morphing atmospheres build the sensation of trouble brewing, as this awesome lick rolls through some seriously rough territory, to its shocking conclusion.

Side B: Wreck
Well, if trouble was brewing on side A, all hell has let loose on side B! Like a Marines full frontal assault, this tune takes you head-on with rolling breaks with a building atmosphere, until the drop gets raw with classic darkcore stabs and a meaty bassline. Trust me, when this tune gets dropped, the only wrecks are the sweaty ravers who just cannot get enough of this sound. But don't take my word for it - just let these tunes speak for themselves.

these tracks are found in the bags of djs like: andy c, black sun empire, pendulum, mampi swift, bad company, dieselboy, kaos, gridlok, john b, bailey, grooverider, ill.skillz, chris.su, B.Key, matrix, Paul B, Subwave, Skynet, Counterstrike, Evol Intent, C4C, Raiden, Future Prophecies


A: muffler - omnius
B: muffler - wreck

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