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    Ez all,

    It's been a marvelous few months since 001 dropped, and we're here with current updates of what's been going on.

    DISTURBED001 is now currently available on full release worldwide, with copies still available @ Chemical & Redeye, while supplies last.
    DISTURBED002 recently landing on promo, via AlphaMagic, though the promo's are well sold-out by now, the full release can be found on April 12th in the same places as 001.

    Info for 001 follows below:

    cat no: DISTURBED001
    Artist: Brain + Fee.Nix-Z ft. MC Puma

    A: Brain + Fee.Nix-Z ft. MC Puma - Tear-Red
    AA: Fee.Nix-Z - Woody

    Latvian duo DJ Brain & Fee.nix-z come through on Disturbed Recordings first single, with a debut release of their own. These talented newcomer producers are set for an outburst in 2004, and we are glad to host their first release of many more to come.

    Side A: Tear-Red
    From its melodic rolling into, this number breaks down into a distilled silence, a true calm before the storm. Unleashing an arsenal of ever pace changing jagged breaks and fiercely bouncing basslines, amidst its hypnotic vocal chords courtesy MC Puma. The track carves a deep pit of roughly engineered funk, with systematically designed stabs sure to leave any system with a thorough work out and an audience yearning for more.

    Side AA: Woody
    Serene melodies and riffs flow through Woody’s intro, leaving it’s listeners in a dream like state, unaware of the pure battering they are about to receive. A break that grasps you uncontrollably, swirling you around its heavily layered amens and captivating synths, while the vicious subs beneath them pound away. Annihilating any and all that choose to stand in its way.

    A: Tear Red
    AA: Woody

    Promo & Full Release versions of 001 are currently available worldwide.

    Info for 002 follows below:

    cat no: DISTURBED002
    Artist: Future Prophecies

    A: Future Prophecies - Reflecting Terror
    AA: Future Prophecies - Illusion Of Time

    Scandinavian based Future Prophecies need no introduction. With releases on such esteemed labels as: Subtitles; Moving Shadow; Certificate 18; Renegade Hardware & Outbreak, they have more than made their mark on the world of Drum n Bass. We are proud to have them gracing us with DISTURBED002.

    Side A: Reflecting Terror
    As the name suggests, this rugged number is sure to strike fear in the heart of even the most hardcore listener. It’s thundering basslines reflecting off the equally ferocious drums. Serving a relentless battering of dark acidic chords between it’s equally terrorizing break downs, which hold frightening nomadic chants, urging you to believe the worst is in store … and it is.

    Side AA: Illusion of Time
    Unlike its flipside, Illusions of Time starts with harmonic, trance life melodies and smooth enchanting vocals to add to its massive anthem like appeal. Sure to grasp the emotions of any listener, Illusions falls into a steady rhythm, its bassline contorting itself to epic proportions while holding a steadily rough sound amongst its ever captivating vibe.

    A: Reflecting Terror
    AA: Illusion Of Time

    Promos for 002 are already out in shops and to my knowledge.
    Full release will happen on the 12th of April.
    Check Chemical & Redeye, for availability.


    Promo release for 003 is not yet known, but we'll keep you up to date as developments come to our attention.

    What to expect:

    DISTURBED003: Muffler
    A: Muffler - Ominous
    AA: Muffler - Wreck

    I cannot explain in a few simple words how devistating these tunes are ... be on the look out!!!

    Additional News:

    -Disturbed T-Shirts will soon be available in an assortment of 3 colours and designs. Shirt will be available by summer. Images and information on how to order will be available within the month.
    -The Disturbed Forum is now up and running, with competitions to win copies of both 001 & 002 ...
    For more info, log onto:

    On behalf of all of us at Disturbed, I would like to thank everyone for your recent support. Large up...