Distorted Minds - 'Looking For Us/Let It Roll' (D-Style)


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Mar 21, 2002
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'Looking For Us?/Let It Roll' - Distorted Minds (D-Style)

One of the hottest names at the moment gets the second release on Bristol's D-Style label, with two mighty dancefloor stompers! Making the most of the 'Bodyrock-beat', both sides are pure bedlam, and your sure to be hearing a lot more of them if you havent already!
Starting things off is 'Looking For Us?' feat. Yolanda and Mc Jakes. Gritty breaks guide us to the breakdown, chilling things before hitting you square in the face with one of the grimiest drops Ive heard in a long time. As I said before, the 'Bodyrock-beat' keeps things jumpy while the b-line works its magic in a far dirtier way! My only gripe is that its a little too similar to the flip, but then you could say 'Let It Roll' is too similar to this! Anyway, I heard 'Let It Roll' first (and I prefer it) so Im gonna say 'Looking For Us?' is too similar!!!
Anyway, if you heard any of Rider's shows recently your bound to know 'Let It Roll'. A theatrical intro, again accompanied by jumpy breaks, get things underway, when suddenly Mc Jakes is telling you to 'let it roll....roll...roll' and then its all over! The infectious Twisted-style b-line is what puts a smile on my face here, but its all put to good use, with a good use of breaks and samples to back it all up. There are the obvious Twisted Individual comparisons (even more so with 'Warriors') but once you look past that, what you've got is two tunes that you know are gonna rip up the dancefloor, and at the end of the day, thats exactly what theyre designed for! :slayer:


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Jan 30, 2002
A hell of a lot like twisted individual, but i like that kind of thing so it aint all bad.
It'll sure as hell work on the dancefloor
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