Distonn / Disbreakz "Unpredictable Breaks=Unpredictable Mind"

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    Distonn / Disbreakz "Unpredictable Breaks=Unpredictable Mind" split CD


    Released: August 2009
    Catalog: dtrash132
    Genres: Hardcore, Gabber, Hi NRG, Extreme Breakcore Vs Happy Hardcore?!

    "Two of the subvert punxx, Distonn & Disbreakz decided to release unpredictable, exxciting and sexxy breakcore/punk split CD.

    Anarcho breakpunk gabba terrorist Distonn will kick your ass with his breakcore/jungle bits and Disbreakz will kill your brain cells with his breakcore/mashup bits mixed with crazy power pop vocal cutz.

    Waves of happy? Synths frost a cake of blistering technical breakcore!"


    1 Distonn - My Name Is
    2 Distonn - Capitalist Slavery
    3 Distonn - Nothing Really Will Change
    4 Distonn - Moshpit
    5 Disbreakz - Breakcore Gives Me Wood Rmx
    6 Disbreakz - Unpredictable Mathbreak Pop Shack
    7 Disbreakz - Breakpunxx Strikes Back
    8 Disbreakz - Subvert Breakdub

    Released @ D-Trash Records

    For free download click here

    http://www.myspace.com/disbreakz // http://disbreakz.weebly.com

    D-Trash Records

    For those who know it, it needs no introduction. Probably the best Digital Hardcore label nowadays. All releases available online (something to admire in current times), and many of them are top quality stuff.

    Breakcore/Speedcore/Digital Hardcore/Noise/Dark Ambient/IDM… this label shows eveything packed under a form of irreverence and mostly, anti-commercial feeling.

    Worth listening and supporting, and probably one of a kind. Not for the weak-minded…”