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    Distimia [Ruz Zud / Terror Infection / Wicked Area]

    Distimia (TERROR INFECTION / RUS ZUD / Wicked Area) - persons about which are called back as
    "brain damage" the generator of ideas and sound maniac - L.S.D. began music
    activity in 2001 year. in their own 21 he definitively went mad on cruel music...
    Distimia - Breakcore which has comprised of itself whole hate and fury
    coming from inside. Speed of the Distimia compositions to vary from 90 and before 450 blows at minute.
    The Known its hard blasting consciousness by cruel sound.
    This 100% brain damage from constant crushing subconscious noise and poisonous sound.
    The Co-owner of Rus Zud net label which is oriented on
    experemental,as well as heavy electronic music,owner of the Wicked Area Records net label and
    creator of the terror infection community.
    The Adherent of undergound,net label Cd-r releases and other not commercial shit.
    Play only his material with using laptop and other, an also material of his label.
    The Participant of many large underground raves,and also as main guest of many action.
    Played on one scene with : " Dj Hidden(Ge),S.i.m. on kor Funkle(Be),Maladroit(Au),Epsilon(Au),DJ C64(Ca),
    Proket(Moskow),Vortex Involute(Ekaterinburg),Tonus(Moskow),Roland(ex Prode)(Moskow),
    Selector(Saint-Petersburg),and other...
    Guest of such city as : Moscow,Kazan,Saint Petersburg,Ekaterinburg,Samara and other...


    Rus zud 4 (Rus zud net label)

    Experemental itch (Rus zud net label)

    Distimia and Uior - Mechanikal vibrations (Corebackrecords net label)

    Spring (Silence collector net label)

    Love,Hate and breakcore (Mindnepping rec. net label)

    Hell noise (Rus zud net label)

    Rus zud 6 - diagnosis not curable (Rus zud net label)

    Reaction Part 1 (Rus zud net label)

    Other Side of the Madness (SKRM1 Net Label)

    Distimia - Live @ Plan B (Rus zud net label)

    Neuro psychosys (Acidsamovar Digital Records)

    Don't trust (Wicked Area Records net label)

    Illusions (iLLphabetik Records net label)


    Distimia - endless torture (live mix) tracklist in tag's


    Distimia live @ plan b (Moscow) drumezzz and dj 8088 bingie b-days

    Distimia @ Fashion (Kazan) Tin plate as she there is

    Distimia @ DK Dance (Moscow) Sick Fest V

    Distimia Links

    Distimia web site






    Wicked Area Records Net Label

    Rus zud net label



    ICQ 236-052-307

    Lastfm: Distimia

    Discogs: Distimia