DIST 001LP Medium - Electronic Mind Mutation

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    Available digitally, the release features 8 songs and 1 bonus track (available as a free download).
    A 12” will be released with 4 tunes from the album as well, available a few weeks later.

    1. Need extreme
    2. Broken Voices
    3. Future will be Dark
    4. Dark days
    5. Mind Killa (Throttler remix)
    6. Through the years and far away
    7. MDM
    8. Hope & Hopeless

    + Bonus track Bad Dreams


    Electronic Mind Mutation is an album of limitless style. The tracks of E.M.M. carry influences from drum 'n bass, breakbeat, and intelligent

    dance music. The album was the result of two years of hard work from the Ukranian collective, Medium. Even above the creation of unique

    material, the main goal is to bring about a new level to the group's production. The idea of the album is summed up in the title – to bring bout

    a new mutation of drum 'n bass, breakbeat and idm music. Charming ambient atmospheres, poisonous bass and smashing synth lines incombination

    with a unique form of distortion creates a futuristic picture of this mutation. The album aims to bring a new level of understanding and

    comprehension of music, not as an isolated product but as a philosophical work,containing many scopes of sound. One of the brightest tracks on

    the album, Mind Killa Remix, is the work of Greek Musician, Steve Foskolos (Throttler). His remix became the real decoration of the album,

    harmoniously blending in his unique, dark structures. The philosophy of this album is best noted by the elements found in Dark Days - elements

    of darkness, distortion and ambiance.
    Medium's main idea behind this work is to delve on the extreme side of dance music, as apprent in Need Extreme. In Future Will Be Dark, a

    relection of Medium's internal world are aggresively apparent, bringing out a shockingly twisted MDM breakbeat breach.
    Album receives worldwide support by Omar Santana, Stormtrooperz, DJ Hidden, Kid Kryptic, Slacknote, Newtone, Cativo, EBK, Counterstrike, Divan

    (ex-Spirals), The Proxy, DJ Fixx, Gein, Neztic, Future Prophecies and more.