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    Aug 15, 2005
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    Attn: Drum-n-Bass Producers
    DCR is currently looking for New and Raw talent For a Comp...Put your tunes on Vinyl NOW ! It will Begin Today Sunday Aug 8/14/05 Ends Oct 10/14/05. We will stop taking clients when we got exactly 30 Producers..This is Not a rmx comp, but we are looking for the Best "Amen Tech Step" sound out present that no one has picked up! POINT Blank, The Best 2 TUNES Will WiN and Be a FULL DCR Release! : NOTE : All Requirements Must BE MET with the DCR Rules & Terms. To get this on the Way please via AIM Trakskye or Dj Phaydn on AOL AIM at these s/n's to Enter your BEST WORK now!!
    Remember theres exactly 2 months, so theres plenty of time.. Send your tunes to Us for review NOW!

    AIM :: DJTrakskye
    AIM :: DJPhaydn
    - EMAILS -
    The comp contracts and terms will be posted by the end of this week.
    GOOD LUCK Mateys, Game on!
    Many Thanks, SAFE!