Disrupt - dropped beats - feedback needed

Mr Fletch

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Aug 6, 2009
Essex, England
I like the intro sounds, they create an eeirie atmosphere. I also like the slow beat in the intro too. Sounds like its gonna be some sort of Aphex twin kinda track! Kinda drops out and changes too abruptly in my mind. Sounds are heavy though mate, make no mistake! Just think the transition between breakbeat to drum and bass drop could've been worked more cleverly.

Alternatively, keep the whole track as a breakbeat, kinda Aphex Twin track, then do a Drum and Bass VIP Remix!


Too many skulls!">:O
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Mar 18, 2010
Madrid, Spain
wouldn't mind dropping this on a set.
It's chill at the same time as it's heavy.
HUGE sub mate :)
digitdigitdigit dig it! :)

dropped beats

Dec 23, 2009
Thanks mates, if you anyone of you want a 320 just pm me!;)

for the transition between breakbeat and drum and buss, i didn't really know what to do on this, because i liked my 2 parts...
that's a good idea maybe i'll do an edit with the breakbeat part for a set intro and the other part for as a normal track!!

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