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Out now on Dispatch we have Cern & Dabs with "Leverage / Insight" - available on vinyl & MP3 this release has received a high level of support from within and out of the scene form the likes of Laurent Garnier, AI, Survival, Logistics, Teebee and many others, 'Leverage' offers slick arrangement and low bass tones throughout - a win for the dance floor, whilst 'Insight' may take you back to feeling something on a par with Konflict's timeless, dark and techy material.

Just out today sees a release of the huge "Back in the grind" by Octane & DLR backed up with Ant TC1 & Octane's "District" a track that contains a rather cheeky South African themed sample; (not the annoying plastic horn but rather a film about very intelligent ‘prawns’ to provide an easy clue). Both tracks have featured heavily in the sets of major artists within the scene across BBC Radio and live D&B Arena TV sets from the likes of Bailey, SPY, Break, Icicle, Kasra, Teebee, Ulterior Motive and Logistics.
This release is available now on vinyl & MP3
Vinyl - http://www.chemical-records.co.uk/sc/servlet/Info?Track=DIS039
MP3 - https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html...ber=1&resultsPerPage=15#app=17e0&a486-index=1

Fast forward to the 30th of August and Dispatch debut's the very first full 12" from Octane & DLR as a combined force and to say its a smasher would be an understatement, the release seems to be picking up support from pretty much everybody; with too many names to think about listing... "Seven" and "Walrus" provide an excellent lead on the level of quality that these 2 superb producers are fast becoming recognised for and the 12" is set to be one of the labels biggest releases so far this year, especially given that Andy C has picked up "Seven" to feature in his 'Nightlife 5' mix forthcoming mix compilation.

September will see the release of a mighty fine 12" from Survival with the tracks "Alien" & "P45", the A-side heads straight for the dance floor whilst the flip "P45" presents the more rolling kind of sound Survival is just as well known for. Already picking up airplay on BBC 1xtra from the likes of Bailey and both sides doing equal damage in the clubs across the scene.

After all this in around October / November we will be ready to unleash our first label album titled "Transit one" featuring various artists from the stable with some new faces thrown in the mix as well, all of who’s musical offerings we are very proud and excited to be releasing as a combined package. Artists such as Break, Survival, Ant TC1, Skeptical, Octane & DLR, Spinline, Hydro, EBK, Keza and Subterra will all feature across 6 tracks on vinyl and 11 as a CD / MP3 package with bonus / vip tracks thrown in additionally. More news to follow on this in the coming months...



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Ant TC1 B2B with Survival @ 'Star Warz' Ghent, Belgium
part 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXMiIAXgg3A
part 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OHREeoUGajo