Dispatch Recordings Presents... "Transit One"

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    I am sure most of you are already aware of this, but for those who haven't bagged it, Dispatch Recordings has just released their first compilation album across all formats. Celebrating 10 years in the game, the album encompasses the Dispatch sound, with many a future classic from the new and the old, with the likes of Break, Survival, Octane & DLR, Spinline & Skeptical inside to name a few. Currently being supported by the most relevant names in the scene such as DJ Marky, Teebee & Calyx, Fabio, Total Science, Phace, Alix Perez and even those outside the genre such as Laurent Garnier, Rob Louis (True-Thoughts) etc all heaping praise on the compilation - it's definitely shaping up to be one of the drum and bass compilations of the year.

    If anyone has not had a chance to check the audio, a full clip can be found here:


    Full Tracklist:

    01. Survival "Sky (Break remix)" - Vinyl, CD & MP3
    02. Octane & DLR "Drop Out" - Vinyl, CD & MP3
    03. Skeptical "Process Of Elimination" - Vinyl, CD & MP3
    04. Octane & DLR & Ant TC1 "The Jazz Club" - Vinyl, CD & MP3
    05. Spinline & Hydro "Blindfolded" - Vinyl, CD & MP3
    06. Survival "Mistakes (ft.Christina Nicola)" - Vinyl, CD & MP3
    07. Spinline "Made Guy" - CD & MP3
    08. Paul T & Survival "Sunshine" - CD & MP3
    09. Skeptical "Structure (ft.MC Fokus)" - CD & MP3
    10. EBK "Mud" - CD & MP3
    11. Keza "Monkey Business" - CD & MP3
    12. Survival "High" - CD & MP3
    13. Octane & DLR & Subterra "Red Mist (ft.Gusto)" - CD & MP3
    14. Survival "Find A Way (digital exclusive)" - MP3 only (digital exclusive)
    15. Survival "Clone (digital exclusive)" - MP3 only (digital exclusive)

    (Suggested links)

    WAV & MP3 formats:


    3x12" LP:

    Keep it Dispatch.