Dispatch Recordings March news - Releases and Audio

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    Dispatch 36
    ST Files “Weight Down” / DLR “Elsewhere”
    Available now on vinyl @ Chemical (Full artwork release) >
    Also available on general mp3 / wav release @ Juno Downloads , Beatport etc & Here >
    Support from the likes of Marcus Intalex, D-Bridge, Ant TC1, Survival, Logistics, AI, Spinline, Nymfo, Laurent Garnier, Chris SU, Break, DJ Hype, Doc Scott, Cern etc.

    Dispatch 37
    Dispatch presents ‘Survival Tactics' part 1
    Survival “1502 (Octane, DLR & Ant TC1 rmx)” / “Masquerade”
    Out towards the end of April (promo’ing earlier) – Audio @
    Support from the likes of Teebee, Lynx, Sabre, AI, Cern, Logistics, Subterra, Chris SU, Anile, Skeptical, etc.

    Dispatch 38
    Cern & Dabs “Leverage” / “Insight”
    Due for release early May sees the label debut of Cern & Dabs - 2 superb tracks collectively produced both in Italy & New Zealand and landing at the door of Dispatch Recordings UK!
    Audio @
    Support already from the likes of Laurent Garnier, Teebee, Sabre, Ant TC1, Subterra, AI, DLR, Octane, Lenzman & Survival.

    Dispatch 39
    DLR & Octane “Back in the Grind” / Ant TC1 & Octane “District”
    To say that these 2 fellow and extremely talented studio producers have made a big impact on the scene already would be an understatement. Here they debut their combined talent on the A-side of the release which is set to be a big one…
    Forthcoming end of May / early June – Audio @
    Support from the likes of AI, Alix Perez, Icicle, Survival, Ulterior Motive, Kasra, Anile, Logistics, Sunchase, Teebee & Subterra.

    Check > www.soundcloud.com/anttc1 (for various audio of forthcoming releases).
    Following the above releases there will be a full solo 12” from DLR & Octane and a further 12” from Survival then up after we have a Dispatch album in the works featuring the likes of Skeptical, Ant TC1, Mako, Mute, Linden & Survival.