Disco Sex Agenda - "The Bone Collector"

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    Buy it at: http://sleepercellrecordings.bandcamp.com/
    Title: The Bone Collector
    Artist: Disco Sex Agenda
    Genre: Drum & Bass (Jump Up, Skullstep)
    Price: name-your-price, $2.50 CAD minimum.

    A 4 track EP of hard and heavy Drum & Bass from Alberta-based electronic musician Disco Sex Agenda. Inspired by artists such as Current Value and JRG, he has spent the past 6 months working on this EP, throwing aside numerous other tracks until he had produced the 4 tracks he felt were perfect for this release.

    Feel free to review/critique my work, the tracks can all be streamed from the site if you're not interested in purchasing. Any advice/suggestions are very much appreciated.