:: Dirty Thursdays #13 - Illeffect, ODJ (dnb:2005.1.12) ::

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    IllEffect, of EXBC and sylish hat fame, is gracing the decks tonight at Dirty Thursdays. Getting people moving is this guy's spe-shul-tee, so you're in for a treat.

    Not exactly sure still what I'll be dropping tonight. Maybe an old school set (pt2), or just something else entirely. That's part of the DT experience tho - ya never know exactly what you're gonna get.

    Peep the lineup, links, and more good shizzle:

    09:00pm EST - IllEffect
    10:00pm EST - ODJ

    64k audio
    24k audio



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    Don't forget to check out the webpage for recordings of pretty much every Dirtbox and DT set EVAR, as well as future lineups, parties, and some pics (which I *swear* i'll update someday). Last week's show is up - old school style from yers truly.

    Biggups to all, hope to see you in the chat.