Dirty Secretz rinses out the October edition of the Dirty Secretz Radio Show

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    Some say that his secret is so dirty, so filthy in fact, that even a 90 degree wash can’t help him now. Whatever sordid detail he may be hiding, we know only one truth about Dirty Secretz – he sure knows how to get people grooving.

    With the latest instalment of his Dirty Secretz Radio Show, Richie’s turned the dial to spin and loaded the drum with filthy tracks, bootlegs and exclusives from the likes of Darren C, Sharam Jey, Sonny Whartone and of course, Dirty Secretz himself. Alongside an exclusive play of his new single ‘Jazz Fingers’ – out later this month on Whartone, the head honchos over at Zulu Records, My Digital Enemy, stopped by to finish the cycle and rinse out an exclusive guest mix of their own. It’s time to plug it in, turn it up and give your own Dirty Secretz a good public airing.

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