Dirty Ragga work in progress

Sounds pretty wicked man. I really like the flow once it drops. Nice bassline.

Some nitpicks:
Not a huge fan of the effects at the start, they don't really blend into the track well.
Hi hats are hard panned to the left, is that intentional? Sounds a bit silly. They are also a bit static feeling to me, and perhaps a slight bit too prominent in the mix.
intro sounds good - agree with the fx being a bit loud - need to sit behind the drumline a bit more - drop comes in nice but would like to hear a nice hard sub line at the end of maybe every 16 bars- also drum line doesnt change much - some added breaks in the mix could really carry some of the weight - good start tho - where is the vocal from?
here is some of my ragga
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always like some ragga influence!
maybe yeah vary the drums a bit, and the bass gets a bit boring after a while...
but want to see how this turns out!

It sounds very good, but couple of things:
The effect in the intro is too loud and a bit repetitive, i think that it just need one variation here and there and it will be perfect.
For the core of the track, the bass i a little bit repetitive too, maybe some little effect on it will be good: some reverb with a lfo or something.

Good luck its good!
I enjoyed this tune man :)

Agree with some stuff that has already been said. I thought the intro effects were sick but they do sort of overpower the drums! So bring them down a bit.

I think the bass isn't to repetitive. Maybe just add a break down and get a little bit of bass variation in there :)

Love the vocals, thought percs were good. Nice one!
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