.: Dirtbox Radio Tonight! [6/6] : Ransom, illEffect :.


.: Dirtbox Radio Tonight! [6/6] : Ransom, illEffect :.


Tonight's another bomb-ass show for y'all, chock full of rediculously phat drum 'n' bass goodness. check out the lineup (all times EST of course):

7-8pm - odj & jerel - yer faithful hosts bring the danger, dirtbox style. expect anything. well.. anything but anything not drum 'n' bass. you know we like the drums and basses. werd.

8-9:30pm - illEffect - even though he was just on the show last week (for afterhours) we haven't got completely sick and tired of this guy. he can throw down a mean set, complete with bouncy party tracks and turntablism to boot, so we'll let him hang around for a little bit tonight ;)

9:30-11pm - ransom - the one and only mister harry ransom will be gracing us with his presence tonight. harry's a hardcore junglist soldier who's been holdin it down around DC for FOREVAR! plus he's a nice guy and he likes NARUTO! biggup to him :)

11-??am - AFTERHOURS - you know what happens when the sun goes down (or comes up)! dirtbox gets rowdy!

so yeah, tune yer asses in tonight, it'll be good shit as always. biggup all the djs on desroyer.net and jungletrain.net. if you like our shit, tune in to theirs as well!


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AIM: dirtboxradio

Don't forget to swing by our website sometime for show archives, updated lineups, profiles of the Kru, photos of stupid shit, and other such stuff. it's www.dirtboxradio.com in case ya didn't know!