.: Dirtbox Radio Tonight (5/9) : Winterman, Relapse : Check it! :.


Yer mom
.: Dirtbox Radio Tonight (5/9) : Winterman, Relapse : Check it! :.

Wassup. Tonight is Dirtbox Radio Show #109. And as always we're bringin you what you
can't get enough of. Well, as far as drums and bass go anyways....

ODJ's busy workin on his next video of insanity, so he's most likely not gonna
be around until late. That leaves Jerel in charge. That's right, I'm takin over today,
and there's nothin y'all can do about it but enjoy the madness that ensues.

But, enough waffle, on to the lineup.

7-8pm EST - Jerel opens the show up solo style. I'm prepared to tear some shit up. This
may be the last time ODJ will be so foolish as to leave the show in my hands. Gotta
take advantage of it, ya know?

8-9:30pm EST - Winterman - Long-time DC soldier Winterman stops by to showcase his
style of warfare. Tonight he'll be droppin bombs of the DnB variety, and it'll be
sure to cause some damage. Pay attention, or ya might get hit with some shrapnel.

9:30-11pm EST - Relapse - This man does not fuck around. Never one to disappoint, he
knows how to tear the roof off a club. Tonight, he's gonna tear the roof off yer house.
So ready yer eardrums, collect yer precious belongings, and prepare to be taken through
the middle of a whirlwind of beats and a thunderstorm of bass. Keep yer hands inside
the ride at all times.

11pm-?? EST - Afterhours - If ODJ's slow ass hasn't made it back in time for Afterhours,
he's fired. Jerel will at least hold it down. Maybe some special guests. Who knows?
Just stay tuned, so ya don't miss out on the finale.

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Bangin show tonight! If you miss it, we'll get yer mom to kick yer ass.