.: Dirtbox Radio Tonight (4/25) : Live DNB : Ricky Ricardo, PiC + More :.


.: Dirtbox Radio Tonight (4/25) : Live DNB : Ricky Ricardo, PiC + More :.

What's up y'all!

Tonight is the first night of a new year for Dirtbox Radio, and we're happy to bring you some smashin tunes to set it off right. Joining your faithful hosts tonight will be Ricky Ricardo, with the possible showing of Dirtbox Kru's Phil Scott and/or Mr. Joey Migraine of Jungletrain's Renegade Bass. It'll be a bangin show regardless, so tune the fuck in!

Ricky Ricardo dropped a dope garage set last week at the 2 year party, so we got him back this week to give you a junglist injection. A true hardcore motherfucker, and representative of the Dirtbox Kru, I've yet to hear this guy play anything but a retardedly good set. He'll be playin tonight from 8-10pm.


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I've got the archives encoded from 4/11, 4/17 (stream), and 4/18. They'll be up on the site on MONDAY night (ferreal this time!). See you cats in the chat!

PS - Biggup to Abe Froman and his lovely wife Valerie. They're havin a baby and are about a week overdue. We'll get him back here after the fact for a Baby Daddy set :)