Dirtbox Radio - Live DnB - Tonight 7/13


Yer mom
Nov 15, 2002
I wish I knew....
Sittin at home tonight? Might as well pass the time with DnB, right? Tune in to Dirtbox Radio - we got ya covered!
Lineup for This Sunday, July 13th:
07-08pm EST - Ze Intro Hour - ODJ and whomever else happen to be around will open up this week's Dirtbox Radio, in a flurry of blood, gore, and other such goodies.
08-10pm EST - J-Roe & Teknition - Hailing from the Land of Cream Cheese and Cheesesteaks, these two fellas are gonna rock your droors to the floor on four turntables.
10-12am EST - Winterman - Winterman is not only a DJ and producer, but also one of the most hardcore of DC Junglists. He brings ze danger with lots of nasty breaks and, of course, ze dubs.
12-??am EST - Afterhours - As usual, Dirtbox Radio will be goin a lil late tonight. The one and only Nature will be rollin thru tonight to drop choons, plus whomever else is around. Boh!

Tune in, catch some tight beats, and join us in the chat.
http://dirtboxradio.com - The Sunday night DnB source.
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