Dirtbox Radio @ Cubik this Friday (8/26)

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    Just in case you hadn't heard, the Dirtbox Radio crew is taking over the front room at Nation this Friday night, bringing with us a virtual buttload of Drum 'n' Bass talent.

    We've got the front room all night, from 9pm 'til 3am, with Meat Katie headlining in the main room. Local superstars Joe Kopasek and Wickity will be filling out the lineup.

    Just in case you're unfamiliar with Dirtbox Radio, we've been hammering out quality Drum 'n' Bass over the intarweb for the past three and a half years, showcasing many of the area's staple disc jockeys, as well as quite a few up and comers and unknowns. Our broadcast has consistent listenership across the US, UK, Eastern and Western Europe, Australia, and a ton of other places you wouldn't expect cats to be tuning in from.

    Our crew consists of 13 of the finest in junglist selectors locally available, sporting a wide range of DJ and production skills. Ten of us will be in attendance on Friday night, armed to the teeth with the sharpest of vinyl inpliments (and some digitally packaged aural treats as well), and will do our best to poke you repeatedly with them until you get your asses moving on the dance floor.

    Here's our lineup for the front room, in alphabetical order:

    Grimm Reeper - Dirtbox Radio
    Hooligan - Partners in Crime, Dirtbox Radio
    K-Lungz - Partners in Crime, Dirtbox Radio, Stonefinger Productions, K-yun.com
    Kaotix - Tribalistix, Dirtbox Radio
    ODJ - Partners in Crime, Dirtbox Radio
    Phil Scott - Delta Project, Dirtbox Radio
    Ricky Ricardo - Syndrome Industries, 2-Charming, Dirtbox Radio
    Shade - Syndrome Industries, Dirtbox Radio, Expansion Broadcast(dot com)
    Shilow - Derilects of Tomorrow, Dirtbox Radio
    Signal - Robot Death Squad, Moving Shadow, Dirtbox Radio

    We'll have some shirts available for sale, hot off the presses. Peep the designs here:

    Design1 front: http://dirtboxradio.com/images/db_shirt1_front.jpg
    Design1 back: http://dirtboxradio.com/images/db_shirt1_back.jpg

    Design2 front: http://dirtboxradio.com/images/db_shirt2_front.jpg
    Design2 back: http://dirtboxradio.com/images/db_shirt2_back.jpg
    (design 2 by Avik @ www.harbinger-industries.com)

    So come by and buy a shirt... they're available for under twenty bucks, and come in an assortment of guys and girls sizes. They'll be offered for sale at this show first, so come and get one before they run out :) all proceeds go towards continuing the Dirtbox Radio project (bandwidth, equipment).

    We have some reduced list slots set aside for us, so hit me up if you'd like to be on. It's $5 off the admission price before midnight (lists close at midnight). make sure you email your list to me BEFORE NOON FRIDAY. or else i probably won't get them in on time.

    Friday August 26th
    Nation (www.nationdc.com)
    Corner of Half and K streets SE
    Washington, DC

    $15 before 11, $20 after
    $10 before 11, $15 11-12 for reduced list

    doors open at 9pm

    Fm Virginia: 395-N to S. Capitol St exit
    Go through 2 quick lights at bottom of ramp. Get in right lane, follow to next light. Turn left at M St, go one block, left on Half St to corner of Half and K Streets.

    Fm Maryland: 295-S to Howard Rd exit. Turn right at bottom of exit ramp. Follow Howard Rd thru light. Cross Frederick Douglas Bridge, get in right lane. Take next right at M St, goone block, left on Half St to corner of Half and K Streets.

    Secured parking accross from the front door & street and paylot parking are available.

    That should be about it. I hope to see y'all all there on Friday :) Biggups to all and thanks a ton for the support!