Dirtbox Radio - 5/30 - Photosphere, Lycan

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    Dirtbox Radio - 5/30 - Photosphere, Lycan

    Dirtbox Radio issue #112: More goodness comes your way from ze Dirtbox Radio zis week. Joining us are two talented local DJs, Lycan and Photosphere.
    . Lineup is below, all times EST:

    . 07:00-08:00pm - Intro Hour w/ ODJ & Jerel - we rocks socks like sluts sucks cocks, the thunda fromunda tha tundra.
    . 08:00-09:30pm - Photosphere - up next in the ring, Photosphere, in his first round of Dirtboxing. give 'im a warm welcome. *ding ding ding*
    . 09:30-11:00pm - Lycan - this blunted ninja has mastered many technics, with sharpened and poisoned wax that'll slice yer eardrum.
    . 11:00-??:confused:?am - AFTERHOURS - if you make it this far, you're a fuckin champ. if we make it this far, so are we. no work monday means late night ruckus, mothafuckus.
    . Tune in. Chat on. Brock out.

    Ze info ya need ta know:

    Destroyer.net (128k):

    Jungletrain.net (64k): http://jungletrain.net/64kbps.pls
    Jungletrain.net (24k): http://jungletrain.net/24kbps.pls

    Chatroom: http://jungletrain.net/index.php?page=2&subpage=0&color=2
    IRC - irc.jungletrain.net #jungletrain

    Webcam: http://glue.umd.edu/~odjallen/dirtboxradio/webcam.html

    AIM: dirtboxradio