.: Dirtbox Radio 5/2 :. Return to Beat Street!


.: Dirtbox Radio 5/2 :. Return to Beat Street!

Word up homie G's

We have a special presentation for you this weekend, brought to you by Dirtbox Radio and Hypnotik Logik....


Switchstance vs. Joe Kopasek...Yes, you heard me right. For one night only, the best breaks dj in dc and the best breaks dj in baltimore are going head to head in a 2 hour royal rumble. These two heavyweights are going to battle it out to put an end to to the great dc vs. bmore debate. Both of these breaks veterans come correct every single time out, and have never left a fan dissapointed, in fact the only thing they leave people is wanting more. and more. and more. This is something that if you miss, you will be shooting yourself in the head every day for the rest of your life. Who knows if this is something that will ever happen again, so I think that's your cue to listen in and hear 2 hours of slammin funky evil bangin breakbeat madness.

Sinestro...What's a party without the living embodiment of the Commodore 64? Chris is one of the most respected djs in the history of dc dance music, and was been doing this before most of you knew what a rave was. On this evening, The mighty sinestro has a treat for you all. Sunday night you will get the pleasure of hearing the funk. And what do i mean by the funk? i mean the muthafuckin FUNK. I'm talkin 90 minutes of tribute to james brown style funky ass breaks. How can anyone go wrong with that? Be Prepared to take a trip back to a time when the breakbeat was funky and the people danced.

Jesse Tittsworth...Anyone who has heard Jesse Tittsworth most definitely knows the man's skills. People who has heard his Krunk 001 mix know that he can play the funky ghettoness better then almost anyone around here. What would be a Dirtbox Radio without a little ghetto? So for this night, Senor Titts has graciously agreed to drop a set of Bmore Club/Breaks/Miami Bass/Booty House/Etc to get the night started out propper. Not many in the DC/Bmore scene can touch this fool when he's behind the decks, and you're about to find out why. If you have not heard Krunk 001, get out there and get yourself one, and be ready for some real ghetto shit!

So werd, it's something different, and something good. Very good. Timeslots and links follow...

07-08:30pm EST - Jesse Tittsworth
08:30-10pm EST - Sinestro
10-12am EST - Switchstance vs Joe Kopasek

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Big fuckin ups to Ian of Hypnotik Logik for hookin the lineup up. Dude's got a great ear for talent, and his bullshit-fu is stronger than most. Good night of beatz, so tune the fuck in!