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Sep 23, 2003
berwyn heights, md, usa
Tonight on Dirtbox Radio we've got some ill shizzle as usual, with a bit of reggae-influenced flavor. Some of the area's top Ragga djs will be in attendance, so don't sleep on the broadcast. Below are timeslots, links, and some other good shit for you to chew on.

07pm EST - ADHD
08pm EST - Locks (of Intellect)
09pm EST - Kaotix
10pm EST - Jungle Jessi

After 11 we'll bust out some tagging action, with the possibility of visits from Arsonist, Phirewall, and our boy Blaze One.


64k - http://jungletrian.net/64kbps.pls
24k - http://jungletrain.net/24kbps.pls
webcam - http://glue.umd.edu/~odjallen/dirtboxradio/webcam.html
chat - http://jungletrain.net/chat.htm

all links - http://dirtboxradio.com/listen.html

Here's a glimpse at our upcoming lineups:
nov 23 - Kauz, Mugzy
nov 24 - Dirtbox Kru & Evancipation take over Renegade Bass
nov 30 - ODJ's Burfday Speshul
dec 07 - illEffect
dec 14 - Relapse, Lycan (Kenobi)
dec 21 - Sabin
dec 28 - New Yearz Speshul

Just stop by the site for updated lineups. ( http://www.dirtboxradio.com)

If you're tryin to play Dirtbox sometime, or have your CD aired, just hit us up ( bookme@dirtboxradio.com ). We strive to bring to you the hottest talent in our area, be it newcomers or the well-entrenched DJ. Send us a link to a mix, or mail us a CD, Tape, MD, or parchment scroll, and we'll check that shizzle out.

Alright, we'll see you tonight for the show. Be safe ya crazy junglists.

Jackson (ODJ)
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