.: Dirtbox Radio 11/09 : Dirtbox Kru in DIRTBOX ALLSTARS II :.

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    Tonight we have a special presentation for you here on Dirtbox Radio: Part two of the Dirtbox Allstars series. It's a rare event where we can actually get all of the members of the Dirtbox Kru here in the studio and jam out hard for y'all.

    Unfortunately, Crucial Carl and Higgs the Mighty won't be able to make it due to circumstances out of our control, but it'll be a damn tight show nonetheless. Timeslots and audio links are below, for your listening enjoyment.


    07:00pm EST - Shade
    07:45pm EST - Hooligan
    08:30pm EST - K-Lungz
    09:15pm EST - Ricky Ricardo
    10:00pm EST - ODJ
    10:45pm EST - Akasha
    11:30pm EST - Jerel
    12:15am EST - Phil Scott

    Most likely, we'll have something going on for Afterhours as well, for all y'all late night party people.


    64k - http://jungletrain.net/64kbps.pls
    24k - http://jungletrain.net/24kbps.pls

    chat - http://jungletrain.net/chat.htm

    webcam - http://glue.umd.edu/~odjallen/webcam.html

    You can find all of these links on the Dirtbox Radio website as well.

    If you'd like to play on Dirtbox Radio, or have us air a mix or a new tune, feel free to hit us up at bookme@dirtboxradio.com. We're slow to respond, but don't worry - we'll get back to you eventually.

    Here's a sneak peak at our upcoming guests and special shows:
    11/16 - Ragga Night
    11/23 - Mugzy, Kauz
    11/24 - Dirtbox & Evancipation do Renegade Bass
    11/30 - ODJ's Birthday Special
    12/14 - Relapse, Lycan
    12/21 - Sabin
    12/28 - The Double-O 4 Special

    Alright y'all. Tonight's gonna be a damn good night. Watch out for some new hot-off-the-mixdown tunes by our own Signal and Delta Project, as well as some fresh jams by Evancipation, Stamina, and more...

    See y'all tonight.

    Jackson (ODJ)
    Partners in Crime, Dirtbox Radio, Trividual Productions, ALIAS, The Battery

    PS - Don't worry if you can't tune in tonight, as Dartainian.com will be rebroadcasting the show in its entirety, and check out Rhythmicunrest.com later in the week for 192kbps mp3s of the sets. - j