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Sep 30, 2012
Thursday night around 6pm, I arrive soaked through at the entrance of IKEA. I make my way inside and check my phone to see if I’ve had a response from Clive. ‘I’m in the food court’ I send, eagerly scanning the faces of tired shoppers scramming down their meatballs, trying to spot a sign of my interviewee. ‘I’m already in the sofa section’ he replies.

After making my way through the various flat pack home displays downstairs I stumble upon the man of the hour, knee deep in a bag of assorted nuts. ‘Nuts?’ he asked after we’ve exchanged pleasantries, I respond that I don’t like nuts, we have a mildly infantile giggle at my choice of wording and move past it. Clive guides us to one of those pre-made living room set-ups, complete with working fireplace and plush sofas, where we take our seats. It is only at this point that I have time to take in my surroundings; I’m about to interview Dr Meaker in the sofa section of IKEA.


It’s been a year since their critically acclaimed album Dirt & Soul dropped on Circus Records, landing straight at number 3 on the iTunes electronic chart and taking the title of number 1 selling Drum & Bass album in the world on its release. Since then the band have been travelling the world with their own unique take on the Bristol sound, so it seems only fitting to collar the man behind the music and see what he’s got in store for us next, including his new album and recent adventures to South Africa…

So tell us about South Africa, was it business or pleasure?

It was both. A friend got married out in Vryburg, which is right out in the country, so I got to see three different sides of South Africa. She was out in the sort of farming country and it’s like the Wild West! We were shooting guns; 9mm’s and a magnum like what Dirty Harry had. We weren’t shooting animals, just stones in a field but it was pretty mad. I had this mental experience where one of the chaps was getting all excited showing me his gun, and he didn’t realize it was loaded. He’s just showing it off and he just points it out in front of me, about a foot away from my head, pulls the trigger thinking there’s no bullet in there, goes through these two fan heaters, hits the wall and pfft. Probably the nearest death experience I’ve had.

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