Digital Venom 006 | Pylon - The Starogardzka EP


Jun 18, 2008

The next dose of Digital Venom comes in the form of
The Starogardzka EP, Pylon of mechaplex delivers 3
quality tracks straight outta Poland including the
long awaited collaboration between him and
Danish techno-dnb heavyweight, Pyro.

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Pylon & Pyro - Auror

Pylon teams up with longtime danish techno-dnb
fusionist Pyro to create Auror. Serious subs and
drum machines are utilised alongside a deadly lead
that will drive you directly towards the dancefloor.
Straight from the studio to the stores, it doesnt
get any fresher than this.

Pylon - Teslan

Cold and industrial like steel, Teslan is a
blueprint of the Pylon sound.
Remastered, reloaded and programmed to
destroy. With support from The Sect,
Masheen, Pyro, Kano and more.

Pylon - Central Dogma

Heavy on impact and futuristic in flavour, this
one hits hard in all the right places!
Road tested worldwide and supported by
techno-dnb's finest. Central Dogma is a
testament to pylons unique sound.

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Our store (paypal accepted)
or via our store at
Juno Download
Chemical Records

STILL AVAILABLE! /////////////////////////////////////////////

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FORTHCOMING! ////////////////////////////////////////////////

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Thank You To All For The Support!
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