Digital Venom 002 | Walder/Split Concept - Saboteur/Submission


Venom Inc Recordings is pleased to bring you the second instalment of Digital Venom

Walder - Saboteur (mp3 clip)

Walder is part of a rapidly growing collective of producers making serious adjustments to
traditional drum and bass, Sabotuer is a combination of his love for hard beats and bass
with techno grooves and just enough funk to plant this track directly into the minds of
those who share the same love for non-standard innovative drum and bass.
2008 brings releases from respected labels and support from the techno-dnb scene's core
dj's/producers, watch out for his debut vinyl release hitting shelves soon in the shape
of the huge collab 'Failed Homicide'.

Split Concept - Submission (mp3 clip)

The Split Concept boys are charting new territory for the UK, refusing to bow down to
the clown, the guys made the natural progression from hard techno and neuro drum and bass
to create a hybrid style that is demanding the attention of those involved with the
techno-dnb scene.
Submission hits us hard from the outset and doesnt slow down, followers of these guys
already know the damage their productions can cause when deployed onto the dancefloor.
With a string of digital releases secured, Split Concept are helping to lead the UK
away from the perils of cheesy drum and bass and they dont intend to slow down the pace.

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