Digital Venom 001 | Identity & Logical - Bad Entity/Depraved

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    Venom Inc Recordings is pleased to bring to you our digital imprint, Digital Venom.

    The launch of this 100% digital project was planned to coincide with the main labels
    debut vinyl release, as many of you know, we have experienced countless delays and
    obstacles in securing stable vinyl distribution for the label, we are happy to announce
    that the project is finally back on track and as of now all our vinyl releases will be
    distributed via Load Media. Details of the debut release will follow very soon!

    On with the music!


    Identity & Logical - Bad Entity (mp3 clip)

    A complete steam-roller from worldwide collective Identity and russian producer Logical.
    Techno-D&B to the bone, this one hardly gives you time to breathe before your locked
    firmly inside the machine, tried and tested on robots worldwide with support from all the
    usual suspects.

    Identity - Depraved (mp3 clip)

    A true dnb/techno hybrid, not having to rely on pure impact alone, Depraved is a simple
    yet devastatingly effective roller, using crisp punchy drums & programmed bleeps to
    hypnotise ears before unleashing a monster bassline engulfing everything in it's path
    before winding into the breakdown & building back up to unleash the 2nd drop of doom.

    Where To Buy

    Our store (paypal accepted)
    or via our store at

    Thank You To All For The Support!