Digital & Spirit LTD series Vol 1


Jan 3, 2003
As far as I can find out these tunes are limited to 1000 pressings and are worth the hassle of tracking down. The a-side sounds much better on a sound system that it will do at home as the bass is headwreckingly low. It plods along menacing over some snapping breaks which keep the track moving. Cavernous dub fx and vocals fade in and out of the mix in true D&S style and there's some interestingly subtle strings which come and go as well. This tune is really handy for mixing as there's no breakdown to speak of so if your struggling to mix in a tune with a long intro then this is ideal.

The b-side has a nice bouncy break which canters along nicely against some pads which are breezy and soulful. The "let it go" vocal is perfectly pitched against this and complements the flowing nature of the track nicely. The bassline itself is pure dub starting a beat after the 1st kick and syncopating itself nicely against the beats. There is a breakdown in the middle where the pads are brought to the foreground and the tune rolls away into the night. A good couple of tunes for any occasion, hopefully they'll continue the series in this vein.
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