Digital Society Returns Sept 12th @ Myhouse nightclub Leeds..Thrillseekers, J.O.C...

Aug 29, 2008


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Aug 29, 2008
Re: Digital Society Returns Sept 12th @ Myhouse nightclub Leeds..Thrillseekers, J.O.C

Digital Society catches up with John O'Callaghan before his return to D.S friday 12th september!


Hi John hope things are good?

Very well thanks! I am in Poland at the moment just waiting on my lift to the Creamfields site - bring it on!

You have been busy in production and DJing wise? Have you any new material on the horizon?

I am working on my next artist album which will hopefully be out in 2009. Some interesting new colloborations and also another track with Audrey which is great to get back in the studio with her. DJing has been going well too with some trips to the USA and South America, also I am back in Australia for the first time in 3 years in October which I am looking forward to!

Who has been a major influence for you in your musical career?

Mauro Picotto, The Beastie Boys, Coldplay, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Paul van Dyk...Ben Sims.

What is the most challenging aspect of being a DJ/Producer?

Offering something new that the hundreds of other djs/producers don't offer, which is obviously almost impossible. It's hard to be on the front edge of new creative styles but I try my best to experiment in the studio and try new things with each production. With so many people now making tunes its even more important to make your production quality as high as it can be. Quality not quantity!

What advice have you got for anyone wanting to make it as a DJ or/and producer?

Have as much fun as you can with it because if you take it too seriously you will end up having higher expectations than might be possible - expect nothing, hope for everything!

What is your most funniest/embarrassing moment as a DJ moment?

Bit of a boring one really but probably the power going out in the whole arena at a recent festival, after 20mins of my set. Stood there for 10mins but the electricty didn't come back on so they shut down the arena, with people still standing in the crowd - one guy shouted - 'sorry john'.... cringe!!

And finally tell us a random/interesting fact about yourself?

My middle name is actually Mannix, which many people thought I just made up as an alias. It is my Grandad's name which derives from an old Irish meaning of the word 'monk'.

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