Digital Society 10th Oct. Matt Hardwick exclusive 6hr set!

Aug 29, 2008

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Aug 29, 2008
blank @ My House, Leeds – 10th October 2008 - Press Release

The return of DS & Blank held a few surprises for everyone, including us. The second floor room we normally host had taken a turn for the better on arrival, with a new DJ booth, new sound system and new lighting, all installed the very same day. As promoters you often have hunches that events are going to be special and to our delight this night was nothing short of amazing.

After a late start Nathan proceeded to warm the place up to brilliant effect, the crowd taking in the new decor and sound and getting in full flow for the arrival of Miss B. Our expectations of Gina were not understated and she rocked the room good and proper. Next up was resident Mr C playing techy prog and really trying the new sound system’s limiters! Sasha’s Xpander taking tune of the night! Arcane Science played some full flow music next which kept the crowd moving before a surprisingly well received Psy Trance set from resident Freesoup. The crowd absolutely loved it!


October sees us add even more new names to our DJ roster with a debut Live P.A to boot. Mark Naylor makes his long awaited return after a cracking set in April. We have an old favourite back in the form of Dan Brennan and Verbal Underbelly takes to the stage for his first ever Live P.A. The residents Nathan Parker & Freesoup will also be making an appearance with a notable absence in the form of Marc Cruickshank who returns in November.
If you’ve not been upstairs at MyHouse since the refurbishment last month than get amongst it as it certainly adds a whole new dimension to the room, by making it smaller they’ve some how made it bigger and to great effect. The new sound system is incredible and we just know this event is going to be massive.

Downstairs in the main room Digital Society host a world exclusive. Matt Hardwick launches his record label, Kill The Lights while playing a 6 hour set. This is something yet again that sets the DS team apart from all the other trance nights. Join us in October for all of this and more!

As per usual the next event will be announced on the night so see you down the front!

Digital Society @ MyHouse, 1 Brick Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire (near Leeds coach/bus station & Leeds College of music)
10PM - 6AM # £15 OTD All Night - pre-sale £12.00 available
(Drink promotion: £2 selected bottles / £1 draught beer)


Mark Naylor (
Progressive & Tech House

After notably one of the busiest events we’ve ever had and one of the best sets of last year Mark Naylor makes a welcome return to the decks in the Blank room. Still our most dedicated fan and present at every event he sets himself up to play a peak time set of the finest Prog & Tech house around. Take heed the Tank is back!


Dan Brennan
Hard Groove Techno

Way back when Blank was York’s only regular dance music event Dan was a popular feature on our line ups and played at some of our most successful nights. His name cropped up after a recent discussion and we thought we’d get him back to rock Blank in a way only he knows how. Heavily influenced from the likes of Ben Sims, Technasia, Surgeon & James Ruskin expect the best hard groove techno from one of the best and most underrated techno DJ’s we know.


Verbal Underbelly (Live P.A)

As we strive to bring new sounds and ideas to the Blank crowd we can’t really tell you anything about Verbal Underbelly. All we really know is that he sounds really good! Our first Live P.A and his first Live P.A should be an eclectic mix of electronica and techno. Expect Aphex Twin style sounds mixed up with your favourite glitch records. The show is only 30 minutes long so make sure not to miss it!


Blank Residents
Freesoup ( – Anything Goes
Nathan Parker – Progressive

Eclectic groove, noisy drums and fresh faced synths set the tone for room 2 at Digital Society. The Blank residents cater for the alternative crowd, delivering a healthy blend of techno, progressive, house & breaks.

Digital Society @ MyHouse, 1 Brick Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire (near Leeds coach/bus station & Leeds College of music)
10PM - 6AM # £15 OTD All Night - pre-sale £12.00 available
(Drink promotion: £2 selected bottles / £1 draught beer)
Aug 29, 2008

Q. Hi Matt hope things are good?

A. Yes, very good thanks. Its been a bit of a hectic couple of months
finalising everything for Kill the Lights but we are almost there now.

Q. So what have you been up to in the last year or so?

A. Obviously, the DJing has been as hectic as ever. I have pretty much
spent the last 12 years on the road and this year has come the
realisation that if I am going to continue to thrive, as I have
previously, I need to expand my repertoire. This is where the idea for
the label has come from. I have so many connections in the industry
that are as yet untapped. I really want to sign a couple of new artists
and give them the leg up that I never received myself. Also, it will
give me the motivation to get in the studio on a more regular basis.
Production is key, I am one of a very small number of DJs (outside of
the big five) who has managed to maintain a high profile from DJing
alone. In the current climate, this wont continue. It has nothing to do
with my popularity as a DJ or my DJing ability, its just that
production means exposure to the masses that DJing alone cant deliver.

Q. You have been busy in production and DJing wise. Have you any new
material on the horizon?

A. I completed a remix of the Portishead track Machine Gun which I think
(but I would say this!) is amazing. It gets a great response and I
think that Jules played it for 5 weeks in a row on radio 1. My single,
Supernal, is out on 27 October on my label, Kill the Lights. The
original instrumental mix is a tip of the cap to Day One and has a
similar emotive lead line. However, Mel Gareh has provided a vocal
which, again, I think is amazing. The track is getting some fantastic
responses and will hopefully continue to go from strength to strength
in the next few week.

Q. You're making your third appearance at Digital Society. How have your
previous appearances there been for you?

A. Its the best club in the UK for me. The first time I played there I
couldn't stop smiling on the drive home. Its all about organic growth
for the club now. Its about doing the right things and turning down the
'not right' things. The guys at the helm really know what they are
doing and I have every faith that we will see the prominence of DS
further explode in the next 12-24 months.

Q. You're playing for 6 Hours, which is the most any DJ has performed at DS.
What can the crowd expect?

A. I really want to play from all elements of my musical tastes. I wont be
playing hip hop but I want to pull from a wide variety of genres. I
have about 8 hours of new material to draw from and am currently
sorting them into genres and constructing a skeleton set. This may go
out of the window when I play but it is important that a basic
structure is prepared before these kinds of set. I would never
construct a running order but need to have an idea of what I am doing
in order to maintain a focus over 6 hours. It would be easy to to drift
off and become self absorbed otherwise . I will also have a bit of a
classics would be rude not to.

Q. Who has been a major influence for you in your musical career?

A. I think that Gatecrasher has influenced it from a career progression
point of view. It took me to a wider audience and I played some of the
best gigs that were around. In terms of DJing, hearing the likes of
Sasha and Carl Cox in the early days inspired the DJing ethos in me. It
shocks me when I read in DJ Mag the other week and hear that Deadmau5
doesn't get DJing and thinks it is irrelevant. DJing is the very basis
by which the music I love (and he creates) is20disseminated on a global
scale. Yes, we have radio but the way tracks are put together in a club
environment in a DJ set is an art form. Sure, the art form is
developing but it is still the absolute fundamental basis of dance
music. He is either very short sighted or is being belligerent, either
way he is wrong.

Q. How would you describe your DJ style?

A. Progressive trance.

Q. What is the most challenging aspect of being a DJ/Producer?

A. Traveling, I spend my life in airports, hotels and on planes. I have
been to every corner of the globe but have only experienced about 20%
of the places I have visited. It is so often the case (due to scheduling)
that I only spend a few hours in any one place. Sometimes I wish that
I had time to stop and smell the roses. This being said, I wouldn't change
it for the world and feel privileged to have experienced the things that I
have experienced.

Q. What advice have you got for anyone wanting to make it as a DJ
or/and producer?

A. Just get in the studio and produce quality material. Its the key
element to making it in this industry today!

Q. What is your most funniest/embarrassing moment as a DJ moment?

A. Falling down and cutting my arm open in front of thousands of people at
SW4 last year. It even got a cheer from the crowd. I felt like Frank

Q. And finally tell us a random/interesting fact about yourself?

A. I was the captain of England schoolboys under 19s and roomed with David
Beckham and Sol Campbell at the Lilleshall England School of Excellence

Thanks mate, look forward to you rocking DS on 10th October.

Tickets for Kill the lights label launch with Matts exclusive 6hr set are available here :
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